Our specialties

The wines are paired with local gastronomic specialties according to the season.
Saporito delle Valli - Alpine cheese from Natisone Valley
Morlacco - artisan alpine cheese, made with raw semi-skimmed milk, typical of Monte Grappa area
Sot le trape - cheese aged in the vinassecibo

Stravecchio - cheese aged for 6/8 months
Cacio al tartufo - Cheese with truffles
Cheese ripened in mountain hay
San Daniele raw ham DOC
Cooked Ham served with freshly grated horseradish
Local cold cuts
Prosciutto di Cinta Senese – it ripens, wrapped in chili peppers, for 16 months.
Pepper Lard- Special lard wrapped in red pepper.
Stockfish – Wet stockfish made frothy with the addition of olive oil.
Rusclis - wild asparagus, shoots of the butcher's broom plant.
Radic de Mont - Alpine sow-thistle shoots, harvested young and conserved in oil.
Sclopis - shoots of Silene vulgaris that are used to make omelettes or risottos.

Bread is always fresh, even on Sundays.

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