The surroundings

Former Forum Julii, the town was founded in 53 BC by Julius Caesar.
It still preserves its beautiful medieval structure. The main attractions are the beautiful Cathedral, the Lombard Temple, the Museum and the Devil's Bridge with its beautiful view on the Natisone river.

It is an important central-European city with many Austro-Hungarian Empire buildings. Recommended a visit to the Castle, the area around Piazza Vittoria, and a look at the beautiful Isonzo river. Nearby there are also important memories of the First World War.



It is located at the foot of the Collio hills and it was an important town of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. By visiting the old town, you'll be fascinated its medieval structure. You should also visit the Quarin mountain (a celtic name), the beautiful hill above the old town. During the Austro-Hungarian domination it was well known for the cultivation of cherries, but now it is the most important wine producing centre of the Collio area.

The city was built by the ancient Serene Republic of Venice as a defence against Turkish attacks, and its characteristics plan is shaped as a nine-pointed star. It still looks now like a military fortress. We suggest visiting its beautiful square.