The winehouse

Quattro venti is a nice location almost entirely covered with vineyards and orchards situated between the gentle Collio hills and the Colli Orientali ones, a few kilometers from Bosco Romagno and Slovenia border. In ten minutes you can either reach Cividale village or Cormons town.
salettaThe Winehouse, located at the centre of the "Four Winds" intersection, is composed of a main hall with two entrances (one towards Gorizia province and one towards Udine province), a lounge with an irresistible old-fashioned majolica stove and seventy years old tables. Finally a wide parking allows a comfortable stop.
RESTAURANT: On the first floor, above the wine bar, there is a large room where you can have great meal.
ACCOMODATION: Several small apartments are available to give you the opportunity to stay overnight . They are very comfortable and cheap as you can reserve one of them for only € 40 per night for two people.
CAMPER: Facilities are available to park up with your camper.
MOUNTAIN BIKE: An expert guide is at your disposal for various itineraries. The basic one takes on average 4 hours to be completed and it costs €50 per group, but there are also many other itineraries for expert tourists that can be agreed with the guide.